Monday, February 21, 2011

Highlight of My Day

Apparently I am not that great at following resolutions, I need to get better.  It is practically a month later and I am just now posting my second blog.  I still haven't lost the weight I vowed to lose, I haven't read another book, but I have spent a lot of time playing with my kids.  I bought a Zumba Fitness DVD and as I watched it while sitting on my couch, it looks like it would be a great workout.  Now if only I could get the energy to get off of the couch and actually do it I could lose my seven pounds.  As far as organization goes, I am still on Week 1:  Organizing your Mind.  I almost have that one down......maybe in another week I can move onto Week 2....

Madison still prefers her bottle to baby food, but I have to say I don't blame her.  Have you ever tasted that baby food?  Not very appetizing, and the texture isn't great either.  Maybe I should try making my own baby food.  That would probably save money.  She still hasn't started sitting up (she is now 7 months), however, she does enjoy standing up  (and bouncing up and down) in her saucer.  She had to get ear tubes two weeks ago, and that turned out to be a great thing.  Now she will sleep in her bed as opposed to her swing.

Last weekend, Morgan and Molli decided that Tim and I needed to do another cook-off.  The first one was a couple of months ago and it involved pancakes.  Supposedly it was a tie, but I think that Morgan felt sorry for Tim and voted for his last minute (obviously Molli voted for me).  This time, however, we had to make cookies, from scratch.  Now, I didn't have a problem with that, but I thought Tim might.  He surprised me (I think all of us) though and made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that were actually very good.  Although, I won.  I made heart-shaped chocolate sandwich cookies with cream cheese icing and sprinkles.  Tim keeps telling me that the only reason I won was because of the presentation.  I tried to tell him that when trying to win over kids, it has to have sprinkles.....

I wish that I had been the founder of Build-a-Bear Workshops.  Anyone who has ever been into that place has got to feel the same way.  Tons of kids spending their parents' money to stuff and dress a toy that would have cost half of that if bought fully stuffed and dressed in a toy store.  Again, it is about the appeal to kids and the kids drag their parents in that place.  That being said, we visited a BBW last weekend where Morgan and Molli stuffed and dressed a rabbit and a bear, and seemed to have the time of their life.  I need to get a second job to pay for the trips to BBW.

This weekend Tim bought a new car.  Well, new-to-us car.  We spent all day driving around trying to find one, then had to go get new tires for the car.  The next day was spent in the driveway washing and cleaning the new-to-us car.  The kids like to name the cars so they have named Tim's "Zoe."  Poor Tim can't catch a break, everything is female.

Now we are off to the pharmacy (CVS) to buy formula and diapers.  I have figured out that with my coupons and the store sale and the "extra bucks" the store emailed me, I can buy formula (brand name) and diapers (brand name) for a total of $13.  And that is the highlight of this 32-year-old mother's day today....

Molli dressed up for "Cowboy Day"


Morgan dressed up for the "Fairytale Ball"

Madison playing with her feet

Molli and Morgan washing Tim's car

Morgan washing Tim's car

Morgan and Molli at BBW

Tim, Molli, and  Morgan at BBW

Morgan, Audri, and Molli at BBW
Madison in her saucer
Cookie Cook-off.  Tim's is on the left and Audri's is on the right.

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