Monday, February 28, 2011

Living by Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law....if it can go wrong, it will.  We (as a family) seem to be late for everything (except work and school).  It seems as if we just can't get everything together, no matter how much of an effort we make to be on time.  Everytime we get ready to leave the house to go somewhere something, inevitably, always makes us late.  There is always a left shoe missing, the favorite bracelet is misplaced, the cat can't be found (we have to make sure she didn't run outside during all of the confusion of getting five people out of the door), somebody forgot to potty and has to run back inside, diaper has to be changed, we forgot to get the dog inside, Madison's clothes are wet and she has to be changed....the list goes on and on.  Are we the only family that this happens to?  I swear the girl that cuts our hair must tell us to be there 15 minutes before she actually wants us to be there.  I cannot tell you how many times we have had to call her to tell her we will be a few minutes late.  I remember a time when I was on time everywhere I went, I didn't have a husband, I didn't have kids, and I had no responsibilities....I had much rather be late everywhere than to not have them.

Tim and I decided to be smart and sell his car to buy a cheaper one (he only uses a car to go back and forth to work, so this made sense to us).  So we bought a 1998 Mercedes (yeah, we sold a Chrysler to buy a Mercedes to save money).  We got a good deal on the car, paid cash, and drove it home.  Then  realized it needed four new tires.  Tim drove it for a couple of days and then decided to take it to a needed new bearings, water pump, brake pads, a tune up.....our "good deal" seems to be going down the drain at this point.  Then we got the bill and it didn't seem so bad.  Drove it for a couple of more days and took it back to the mechanic.  Now it needs two new coils (whatever that is).  Maybe he can drive it for a couple of more days.....

We raked the yard (we have 5 massive oak trees in our back yard) on Saturday, we hadn't raked it since all of the leaves fell in the fall.  The kids helped us (Molli refused to wear shorts, so she raked while wearing a dress and a hairbow).  We had huge piles of leaves.  We were planning on bagging all of the leaves on Sunday because it was so late on Saturday when we finished.  Apparently it was really windy on Saturday night, all of the leaves blew all over the yard.

We were actually on time to church Sunday morning (I'm pretty sure that is the first time that has happened, ever).  Morgan sang in the children's choir (which is why we were on time).  Madison decided to give the  preacher her comments during the sermon.....

I am about to print out my hundreds of coupons to go grocery shopping, let's hope the printer doesn't run out of ink....

Morgan and Molli with Morgan's best friend, Devin

Morgan, Molli, and Devin going to the pond to see the ducks

Tim and his car back at the mechanic's....

Madison watching the rest of us rake leaves

Morgan raking (we've since bought her a bigger rake)

Molli raking in her dress and hairbow

This picture does not do justice to the amount of leaves in our yard...

Pink lemonade break...

Madison got exhausted watching us rake the yard

Morgan and Molli's science experiement.  After stirring the citric acid and baking soday, something is supposed to happen

....and it fizzed and foamed and went everywhere.

Madison's mohawk

Morgan and Molli

Apparently church wore them out

Madison's new sleeping position: on her side

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